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Who we are

ADUXmedia is an Internet marketing company that specializes in high volume traffic generation. We provide advertisers with the means to reach millions of members of their target audience and ensure that all the content we coproduce converts into sales. Our team of skilled designers, marketers, SEO specialists and programmers collaborate during every step of the process to create the most engaging brands in the industry.


What we do

We strive to excel in all of the following fields.

Media Creation

Video, audio and images are what we make. We specialize in content that attracts viewers and use our skills in data analysis to make constant improvements.


Email Marketing

We will provide you with the resources to conduct effective campaigns that reach the target market that suits your brands’ needs the most.



Never once compromising beauty for comprehension, our team delivers elegant and captivating designs that range in style to fit their respective purposes.



Using both open source and commercial tools, we forge the most powerful array of code to make our websites profitable, accessible, interactive, fast and engaging.


SEO Marketing

The quintessential keystone for any online business strategy, our specialists practice white hat methods to ensure that major search engines rank us among the top positions for competitive key words.


Traffic Propagation

Not only are we adept at growing traffic for ourselves, but we also help our business partners increase their web traffic organically and quickly.




Our fast-growing brands cater to a young and informed demographic.

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We’re industry leaders because we hire thought leaders.

At ADUXmedia we nourish the autonomy and ambition that enables our employees to be creative pioneers in their respective fields. So if you value your creative potential, are tired of having your ingenuity stifled by corporate bureaucracy, and are ready to begin a challenging and thought provoking career then respond to one of our job openings.

Junior Video Editor


PHP Developer

Come join our team!

How to apply
Please send your CV to jobs@aduxmedia.com


What’s New

We’re Expanding

Not personally, of course. (Although the doughnuts below our new office space may beg to differ) We’re expanding as a company, which means that our business, our brands and our web properties are growing to include new audiences and new objectives. In order to accomplish this, we’ll also be hiring new talent. We currently have several job openings and are excited to gleam fresh insights from our future employees. If you believe yourself to be a beacon of creativity don’t hesitate to forward us your qualifications and schedule an interview.

    We’re Expanding
    Outside Inspiration

    Outside Inspiration

    As a marketing firm, we’re extremely fortunate to live in quite possibly the most unique and vibrant city in North America. Ahem, no, not New York. We’re located in the center of Montreal, Canada. Where the buildings are old, the people are chic, and the poutine is literally everywhere. Though aside from the tremendous artery havoc wreaking cuisine, Montreal also has a thriving arts community. We’re inspired every day by the immense amount of creative energy that courses through the streets. Everything, from the digital displays that project onto the sides of skyscrapers to the delightful graffiti hidden in the alleyways, reminds us to make innovative and creative choices. We’re proud to be both recipients and contributing members of such a spirited, artistic culture.

      New Offices!

      We’ve relocated to a brand new office space located at 642 rue de Courcelle in the heart of Montreal. So new, in fact, that most of it we built for ourselves. We wanted to work in a physical environment every bit as elegant and beautiful as the digital environments we create. To that end, we were definitely successful. Feast your weary eyeballs on. 5500 square feet of marvelous hardwood floors, 16ft tall ceilings to accommodate Yao Ming should he decide to swing by, Classy, old brick walls that compliment our new computer technology, Enormous bay windows that provide enough vitamin D to make even the coldest days in winter bearable, An open floor layout, so that every one of our team members has the space to be creative without feeling imprisoned, Tiled washrooms, A fully stocked kitchen and eating area, A closed boardroom for private strategy meetings. We honestly couldn’t be happier with our new home.

        New Offices!


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